Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to save $1,378 Almost effortlessly, and what you can buy for that

I used to always want to try to save $1.00 a day, then after a year, I would have $365! I tried, and I failed...I didn't always have $1 on me, so I would "owe" myself, sometimes putting in $5.00 after 5 days, and it was hard to keep track of. One time,I even tried taping loonies to each day on the calendar so I knew I had saved for that day.(Stop laughing!) The calendar became heavy and it just didn't work, so I gave up!
Recently, somebody had posted on Facebook, about a "52 Week Money Challenge" It's SO easy...for 52 weeks (1 year) you deposit the dollar amount for whatever week you're on (so if you are on week 10, you deposit $10) into a separate bank account, and week after week, watch it grow! I am currently on week 16 and haven't missed a deposit!

I have made my deposit day, every Monday. I have this chart printed out and beside my desk at work, and every time I complete my deposit, I use a highlighter and put a line through the week!
So...after a year, if you are faithful and don't go spending your almost effortlessly saved money before the year is up, you will have $1,378 ! (plus a little accumulated interest!) What can you buy for $1,378 ???? Well I have done a little research and here is what you can buy for exactly that amount:

A Mori Lee Wedding Dress ( I know, I've never heard of them either...but just sayin'!) Or how about a Citizen Men's BL5446-51H Signature Collection Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch (Say that 5 times fast!) Or how about a Coach tour through the Canadian Rockies???
The possibilities are endless (well...almost!) So give it a try! Save for a rainy day, a well-deserved vacation, whatever you like! Good luck and happy $aving!!!!

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