Monday, October 3, 2011


Well, it's everybody's least favorite day, Monday, back to work (or school) 4 more days to look forward too, mind you, this weekend coming is a long weekend for Canadians, so I imagine for the most part, it will be a good week, despite the cold, dreary weather.

My day started off not too bad, it could have been worse! I came downstaris to find a half bag of milk spilled on the counter, and a pile of Golden Grahams that look like someone had attempted to clean up then gave up!  I asked my 6 year old son why he did not tell me he spilled the milk, his response was that he was scared to tell me, I felt kinda bad at this response because accidents happen, I would not have been mad, but because of his negligence, there was milk spread all over the counter, dripping onto the floor and now stepped in by both the dog and cat, and tracked through the rest of the house! So, I know what I'm doing when I get home from school, at least that's one good thing about the cool weather; my house won't smell like sour milk in the few hours I am gone! (I cleaned up most of it, but didn't have time to do the whole mopping thing!)

Dropped the kids off, late, but hey, better late than never, right!

Went to my favorite coffee establishment for my daily medium hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie, I was presented with a huge monstrosity of a cup and was told my beverage was made the way I like it, but they ran outta cups! So, I am sitting here, trying to drink out of it and every sip I get in my mouth, I am thankful it didn't all come rushing out at once, scallding my skin!  Why don't they tell people these things before you get to the window, if I hadda known, I probably would have gotten a juice or went somewhere else, I hate the extra large tall cups!

Got to school, worked myself outta work, again...couldn't find the teacher, I browsed Facebook for a while, promoting my kid and pet pictures to everyone who would listen, hoping to gain more votes, I even approached another student in the classroom who was on FB and asked her to please vote for my pictures!

Now, I have found my teacher and have a ton of work to complete and what am I doing?  blogging!!!  So, hope you're Monday goes good, it's almost lunch time, we're halfway there!

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Please vote for my baby to be in the baby calendar for charity!

PLEASE click on the link below, then LIKE my son's two photos, you can go back every day and click on comments, then write VOTE until October 15th.  I'd really love for my baby to be in this calendar!  Thanks |SO much!

Click HERE to go to voting page!  Below are the pictures of my baby, Tyler that are being voted on!

Please vote for my dog and cat to win a spot in a charity calendar!

My dog, Lexi, has won semi finalist in a local calendar contest.  If she gets the most Facebook votes, she will win the title for November's dog. Also, Bentley, my crazy cat has a shot at getting the month of January!  All proceeds to the calendar will be going to local charities!

Please click the link, and simply click LIKE!  it's that easy!

Thanks so much for your support!Click HERE to LIKE Lexi and Bentley's photo!