Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My FREE Redemption

As you may know, I do little things around the internet to earn points in which I can redeem for stuff like gift cards. I just went on a little "free spree" at amazon.com and used $106 worth of gift certificates that I earned, absolutely FREE by doing things like SWAGBUCKS . Swagbucks is so easy to earn with, simply log on every day, complete the daily poll, watch a video or two, do a search and automatically earn points! I earn a $5.00 gift certificate about every 3 weeks, and that's without logging in everyday, sometimes I miss a week! the more devoted you are, the better it will pay off!  Once I get a gift certificate, I log onto Amazon.com and put the gift certificate on my account and save up until I have enough to redeem.

Amazon offers free shipping on a lot of stuff if you spend $25, so again, I am not paying any shipping on my items! Love it!!!

Swagbucks is international, you can be Canadian, American, or even from the UK! All are free to join!

Here is my latest FREE purchases from Amazon, I can't wait for them to arrive!!!

1. Betsey Johnson Shoes, regular $125, on sale for just $25 !!!!

2. Iphone 3gs case ('cause my phone's outta date and I can't find a case anywhere for it!)

 3. Another pair of lovely shoes, these ones were $22 !!!

  4. And this is the one I can't wait for! A gold FOSSIL watch! Regular price $125 on   sale for just $60!!!

So...you see, putting in a little time every day to SWAGBUCKS  can really pay off! Last year I bought a bunch of Christmas gifts, but this time, I thought I'd treat myself!

What are you waiting for? Join SWAGBUCKS   NOW!!!!!