Tuesday, June 26, 2012

 I recently joined LikeNET, and I get paid for just clicking and providing feedback for things. I know, there is a LOT of stuff out there like this, but LikeNET is proven, and it doesn't sent you any spam, it's honest and reliable, it will not get you rich quick, but it will provide you with a bit of extra spending cash for a rainy day if you commit to checking in often.  you can CLICK HERE TO JOIN AND START EARNING instantly! Check it out! Here are a few deets:

LikeNET is a new effort to motivate local consumers like yourself, to give feedback and interact with local businesses, via social media platforms such as Facebook and Google+.

How it Works

Businesses become a customer and launch a LikeNET campaign, or sign up to be a partner with LikeNET. For more information on business services please visit our Business Portal
Consumers across Canada sign up to become a LikeNET member so they can earn points that our clients offer for interacting with them!

Give to Receive

In this day and age the best way to express what you like is by sharing our thoughts and ideas with your social circles on platforms like Facebook.
LikeNET offers our members a way to earn points by giving exposure to local businesses! The more our network grows, the more our members participate and the more opportunities we are able to offer! We ourselves are a local business so we take pride in knowing we're giving local businesses the tools and exposure they need to succeed.

Monday, June 25, 2012

My 7 year old brought this home from school...

My 7 year old son, who is in grade 1, loves to bring home stuff from the scap paper bin at his public school! He brings it home and plays school! This is completely fine by me; he loves it and is learning a lot!

Over the weekend, I was cleaning some random papers up that were loose on his floor, and stumbled across this short story. I was in shock! I could not believe something like this would even be in the school! Not only was the content and language of the story disturbing, but the most disturbing part was on the back, a young student had commented on the story and how he believes in the eight-legged, three-headed, child killing character! I was completely freaking! I called the school first thing this morning and went in and had a meeting with the VP, who was very concerned and apologetic and wanted to find out where this came from!

I myself like a good fictional horror story, but feel this kind of material should not be floating around a public school, even my mother who is a high school teacher read it and said she wouldn't have her grade 9's read it!

We try so hard to protect our kids, and they end up bringing crap like this home from school! I'm sure this is an isolated incident, but jeeze, I shouldn't be concerned about what my kid finds in his grade 1 class room's paper bin!!!

Below is the story, if you're interested in checking it out for yourself. 

I saw Slender Man once.... - Horror Short Story - horror, death, fear

Friday, June 22, 2012

Jennifer Aniston"stays slim" with her one day a week "Wonder Smoothie"

We all know who she is, we all envy her from her head down to her toes! This 43 year old blonde bombshell has a secret; Jennifer Aniston drinks a "Super Smoothie" for one day, every week!

Nutritionist Jeannette Jackson said the smoothie can have amazing and cleansing health benefits.
'The alkaline vegetables prevent bloating, help ease water retention and even mood swings.
'Beetroot helps clean the blood of toxins, celery and carrots boost potassium and sodium levels, and kale and parsley offer immense benefits to the brain, so you'll feel less stressed.
The drink is filling so should be easy to do for one day a week, but make sure it's part of a healthy balanced diet,' she said.

Here is what you need to make your own "Super Smoothie"

  • Six organic cucumbers
  • Three large organic beets
  • Two bunches spinach
  • One bunch organic kale
  • Fresh garlic and ginger
  • One bunch organic carrots
  • A stick of celery
Pulp all the vegetables together in a juicer. Add a little cayenne pepper or a herb such as parsley, to make the juice blend taste like a vegetable soup.
Immediately refrigerate the juice in a glass (no plastic jugs).
Drink as much as you want, all day, for one day a week.

Shoppers Drug Mart Spin to Win Contest is back!

I LOVE instant win contests! The Shoppers Drug Mart Spin to Win Contest is back again this year for Canadian residents! Play to collect game pieces, or instantly win tons of prizes like trips, gaming consoles, gift cards, bonus optimum points and more!  Earn more spins by answering trivia questions, sharing game pieces, or providing your optimum #!  Click HERE to start spinning and wining!

For complete contest rules, click HERE

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

26 Low-Calorie Snacks

I am the worst for snacking, especially in the evening watching TV, I usually crave and eat chocolate, or anything containing chocolate or sweet snacks! 

Below is a list I found, I personally don't know if these could satisfy my snack cravings, but I'll try, if I ever want to have the figure of a store mannequin instead of wanting to punch them every time I see one, I have to do something! Summer's here!!! 

Stay Cool!

Well, here we are, June 20, 2012 the first day of Summer has FINALLY arrived, and it's making its presence known with hot, humid temperatures!

Over the next few days, make sure to take necessary steps to keep yourself cool and hydrated:

* Wear light weight, light coloured clothing; light colours reflect the light, while dark ones absorb. Materials like cotton help skin breathe.

* Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water, even if your not thirsty.

* Try to stay downstairs, places like basements are always cooler, as heat rises!

* Spritz yourself with water in a spray bottle and sit in front of a fan!

* Do your errands! if you have stuff to do, malls, grocery stores and places like that are usually always air conditioned!

* Refrain from working out and exercising during peak hours of the day, as this is the hottest time, do them first thing in the morning or closer to evening when it starts to cool off!

* If you do go outside, remember to wear a hat and lots of sunscreen!  Have you ever noticed having a wicked headache after being outside without a hat? This is a first sign of sun stroke. WEAR YOUR HAT!!!

**** During hot times like these, PLEASE look after your pets; make sure they have plenty of fresh, cold water and shade if they need to be outside.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS INSIDE A VEHICLE FOR ANY REASON!  (Same goes for your kids!!!!!)

**** It is also a good idea to check on elderly relatives and neighbours during extreme heat days, just to make sure they're doing ok!

* Have plenty of popsicles on hand, I find this really helps in the heat!

* Don't forget to grab one of your favourite frozen beverages! Tim Horton's has their frozen lemonades on for $1 right now!!

Stay cool everybody!!!