Friday, June 22, 2012

Jennifer Aniston"stays slim" with her one day a week "Wonder Smoothie"

We all know who she is, we all envy her from her head down to her toes! This 43 year old blonde bombshell has a secret; Jennifer Aniston drinks a "Super Smoothie" for one day, every week!

Nutritionist Jeannette Jackson said the smoothie can have amazing and cleansing health benefits.
'The alkaline vegetables prevent bloating, help ease water retention and even mood swings.
'Beetroot helps clean the blood of toxins, celery and carrots boost potassium and sodium levels, and kale and parsley offer immense benefits to the brain, so you'll feel less stressed.
The drink is filling so should be easy to do for one day a week, but make sure it's part of a healthy balanced diet,' she said.

Here is what you need to make your own "Super Smoothie"

  • Six organic cucumbers
  • Three large organic beets
  • Two bunches spinach
  • One bunch organic kale
  • Fresh garlic and ginger
  • One bunch organic carrots
  • A stick of celery
Pulp all the vegetables together in a juicer. Add a little cayenne pepper or a herb such as parsley, to make the juice blend taste like a vegetable soup.
Immediately refrigerate the juice in a glass (no plastic jugs).
Drink as much as you want, all day, for one day a week.

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  1. Dr. Oz has a tasty Green Drink that is very healthy. I put in in a blender rather than a juicer to get the benefit of the fibre.