Monday, June 25, 2012

My 7 year old brought this home from school...

My 7 year old son, who is in grade 1, loves to bring home stuff from the scap paper bin at his public school! He brings it home and plays school! This is completely fine by me; he loves it and is learning a lot!

Over the weekend, I was cleaning some random papers up that were loose on his floor, and stumbled across this short story. I was in shock! I could not believe something like this would even be in the school! Not only was the content and language of the story disturbing, but the most disturbing part was on the back, a young student had commented on the story and how he believes in the eight-legged, three-headed, child killing character! I was completely freaking! I called the school first thing this morning and went in and had a meeting with the VP, who was very concerned and apologetic and wanted to find out where this came from!

I myself like a good fictional horror story, but feel this kind of material should not be floating around a public school, even my mother who is a high school teacher read it and said she wouldn't have her grade 9's read it!

We try so hard to protect our kids, and they end up bringing crap like this home from school! I'm sure this is an isolated incident, but jeeze, I shouldn't be concerned about what my kid finds in his grade 1 class room's paper bin!!!

Below is the story, if you're interested in checking it out for yourself. 

I saw Slender Man once.... - Horror Short Story - horror, death, fear

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