Monday, April 1, 2013

Did you can get items FREE or discounted if the price scans in wrong???

Yep, that is right! it's called Scanning Code Of Practice, or SCOP!
It is actually a federal law to visibly demonstrate retailer commitment to scanner price accuracy!

What does this mean? Well, say you are out shopping and you purchase something that is on sale for $5.00 and it rings in at the register at a higher price...well because it was advertised on sale for $5.00, you get that item FREE!!! yes FREE!!! OR if the item is over $10, you would receive $10 off!

Believe it or not, but this actually happens quite frequently and most people don't notice or they do but don't know about SCOP. Most times, cashiers won't voluntarily tell you about SCOP or offer the item free, so you have to mention it to them if you see an error. Make sure you say "that item scanned in wrong" then I usually wait for them to verify that it did come up wrong, then I say "that means I get it free because of the scanning code of practice...right?"  after that, everything is usually pretty good, occasionally you get a cranky cashier that gets all defensive, but usually they're ok!

For more information about SCOP you can go right HERE to the Government of Canada website and check it out for yourself! close attention to those monitors next time you shop! You never know when an item scans in wrong!

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