Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Party Food

Do you have a halloween party/pot luck coming up and you have no clue what frightening, gross themed food to bring?  Remember, it's not WHAT you bring, but HOW you present it! Dollar stores are fantastic for picking up garnishes and fun things to dress up your dish, like fake spiders, plastic eyeballs, rubber rats, as well as tons of disposable serving wear.

Today my office had a halloween themed pot luck, I made deviled eggs that were supposed to look like pumpkins, other people brought haystacks with gummy teeth on them, cupcakes with reeces pieces on top, spinach dip presented in a hollowed out pumpkin, fruit punch in a halloween bowl with ice cube made from freezing juice into a rubber glove, so once frozen and cut off, it is an ice hand floating in the punch! Genious!

Check Pinterest for more wonderful ideas like we did, have fun with it, and hopefully you'll have lots of time to prepare, I'm already thinking of what I'm bringing next year!

Have fun!

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  1. The eyeballs is really scary on the food LOL!

    anyway, I nominated you for liebster award... details at my blog aubzielation