Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Will this holiday vacation ever end?

Here it is, the final week of Christmas/holiday vacation, and I honestly cannot wait for it to end! Don't get me wrong, I love having time off like anybody else, but time off with a hyper 6 year old, and a demanding 1 year old, is extremely tiring!

The 6 year old enjoys re arranging the living room furniture and making forts, which is okay, but when you are forbidden to sit on your own couch, or watch your own tv, we have a problem!

Naturally the 1 year old is curious and wants to do anything his big brother is doing, which involves touching his creations and belongings; this does not go over very well with the 6 year old!

The weather has been fairly crappy here, wet and cold. No snow to go out and play in, and too cold just to go for a stroll down the street.

Oh, I forgot to mention too, during my "vacation" we bought a puppy! a Jack Russell Terrior puppy, this makes 2 Jack Russells in the house, which is also SO enjoyable while trying to take back your house and make sure the 6 year old isn't feeding the 1 year old dog kibble!

As I blog, the two Jacks are in the kitchen running laps around the kitchen table, the 1 year old is screaming because the 6 year old won't let him touch the cordless phone, the 6 year old is wheeling the 1 year old's toy shopping cart around the living room at mock speed!

Please, please let these next 4 days go by fast! I love my kids, and my dogs, but I also love my sanity!

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