Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Joing Swagbucks for FREE, easy rewards!!!

I've been doing Swagbucks for a few years now, and absolutely love it! Swagbucks is a site that allows you to do basic searches, and earn "bucks" you can earn anywhere from 7 to 50 Swagbucks per search, sometimes more on Fridays, when it is mega Swagbucks day.

Swagbucks lets you redeem your bucks for things like gift cards, pay pal, sports memorabilia, kids stuff, pretty much anything! I usually redeem for gift cards. For a $5.00 gift card, it costs 450 swagbucks, which only takes me a little over 2 weeks to earn. (It could take you less, or longer, depending on how much you do it!)

I was able to get a lot of free stuff from this Christmas for gifts for my kids, unique stuff that I couldn't find in stores, all thanks to Swagbucks.

You should really check it out, it's completely free, they won't send you any spam, and you earn awesome rewards! you can participate as much or as little as you want!

Have fun!!!


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