Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tim Horton's Canada to raise prices again

Starting next week, April 11, Tim Horton's restaurants across Canada will once again be raising their prices.  It is estimated that a large coffee will go up 7 cents, bringing it to $1.59.  No other prices have been confirmed/released yet.

With the price of gas here in Ontario today being $131.9 I don't question their motives, as well the cost of sugar has gone up 40% and the cost of wheat has doubled!

Nobody likes price increases, obviously, personally I feel $1.59 for a cup of coffee is pretty steep (I wonder how much the tea is going up! lol, get it?  STEEP!!)  Sometimes the coffee tastes like crap too, other times it's great, but...supply and demand, sure we can all brew a cup of Timmy's coffee at home, but really, who has time??

How do you feel about this price increase?

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