Saturday, February 5, 2011

Alan Jackson Concert was awesome!

Even though he didn't play "I don't even know her name", Alan Jackson blew the roof off of the K-rock Center in Kingston, ON, Canada.  The show had a mix of both slow and upbeat songs.  When he played "Remember When..." I had tears in my eyes watching images on the monitors and thinking of my Grandma who recently passed.
When the faster songs came on, the crowd went wild! especially some girls who insisted on getting up on stage and dancing during "Don't Rock the Jukebox", one made it on stage twice!
Near the end of the show, Alan started autographing items people were holding up in the front row, everything from the shirt off peoples backs, to a stinky running shoe!  He spent about 10 minutes making sure everybody's items got signed.
One part of the show that I found really touching, was when he played "Where I come From" and on the monitors in the background, were images of Kingston, (where I come from!) the scenes and landmarks of Kingston really hit home and the crowd loved it as their favourite nightclubs and coffee shops were displayed, it was great.
The K-rock centre once again hit a home run with another sold out concert! 
If Alan were to return to Kingston, no doubt, I would definately see him again, but next time I think I will wear a plaid shirt and cowboy hat like 75% of the concert go-ers!!!


Check out this video!

Alan Jackson - Country Boy

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