Friday, March 15, 2013

Who is Lindsay Garric???

Last year I attended an Alice Cooper concert in my hometown, Kingston Ontario. After being blown away by the entire show, I went home and Googled the band members so I could enjoy more of their musical offerings.

As I discovered the members names, I began following them on Twitter. One band member, bassist Chuck Garric continually posted links to blog posts from wife Lindsay Garric. I started checking out the posts then immediately began following her too.  A few occasions I replied to Lindsay's tweets and was happily surprised with a couple of Tweets back, now we are friends on Facebook!

Who is Lindsay Garric? What does she do? The question should be "what doesn't she do"?  Lindsay  is a Milwaukee native, make up artist, esthetician, personal trainer and entrepreneur, as if that doesn't keep her busy, she's also the wife of Chuck Garric, current bassist for Alice Cooper and founder of new band "Beasto Blanco" 
From makeup to workouts, food to fashion, Lindsay has a polished finger on the pulse of beauty, fashion, fitness and nutrition trends to make you look damned good and shares it all on her blog


I am hooked on Lindsay's blogs, and after reading her "Makeup tips for the perfect smoky-eyed holiday look (Dec. 18, 2012) her words ring in my head each time I apply my eye shadow "The key to this makeup is layering products and blending, blending, blending!"  

I can go on and on about Lindsay's informative and humorous blog posts but you really must fall in love with them yourselves! You can read all of Lindsay's post on On HERE

Follow Lindsay on TWITTER to find out about new blog posts as well as other information including information on After Schools Out, a Charity Concert 3/22/13 featuring husband Chuck Garric, to benefit creation of after school music program at Lloyd Barbee Montessori School Milwaukee, WI.

For more info and a free song download from Beasto Blanco, check out 

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