Saturday, December 15, 2012

More adventures of Buddy the Elf

I must admit, you definitely get your money's worth when you purchase and Elf on the shelf! Ours has brought lots of smiles and laughs to our home. Check out the situations Buddy has gotten himself into over the past few days:

It was kind of amusing to watch my son continuously going into the fridge throughout the morning to get milk, juice etc. and not even notice Buddy hiding in the butter compartment hoarding a half pound peanut butter cup!

The kids were excited to see Buddy the elf had spelled out his name on the kitchen counter, and wondered how come he didn't get in trouble for spilling cereal all over the place!

My son wondered how come most of our cooking utensils were in a heap on the counter the other morning, until he looked up and saw Buddy poking out of one of my oven mitts with a spatula! I wonder if he knows how to cook with it!

There is only about a week and a half left for Buddy's visit. On December 24th he goes back to the North Pole until next year! To date, I am impressed with Buddy's activity and he hasn't done anything too extreme (yet!) Keep checking back for more of Buddy's shenanigans! ( I love that word!!!)

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