Monday, January 24, 2011

Where to find coupons

There are a lot of good coupon sources, you just have to keep your eyes out for them.  I am sure you've all received those little booklet inserts in your newspaper or mail box.  Here is a schedule of when you can expect the next issue to arrive, so if you don't subscibe to the newspaper, but want coupons, you know when to buy one or get others to save theirs for you.

Smart Source                                              Red Plum
January 29                                            February 5                                                   
February 12                                                  March 12
March 5                                                        April 9
March 26                                                      May 7
April 16                                                         June 4
May 14                                                         July 2
June 11                                                         August 13
July 9                                                            September 10
August 6                                                       October 1
August 27                                                     October 29
September 24                                               November 26
October 15
November 5
December 3

Another great way to get good coupons is to contact the company directly.  There are a few different approaches you can try.  1.  simply visit the company's website, click on "contact us" and just ask for coupons.  2.  Complain - Did you have a negative experience with a product? contact the company and let them know; company's have high quality control quidelines and when something goes wrong, they want to know about it.  They will usually compensate you by replacing the product and/or sending out valuable coupons.  3. Compliment - Have a product you absolutely love? contact the company and just let them know!  Company's are happy to hear their customers are happy and as a thank you will usually send out coupons.  One company that is famous for this is click on "contact us" under the green video screen.  You will be asked to chose what product you are writing about like GLADE, ZIPLOCK, WINDEX, PLEDGE ect.  as a thankyou, they will send you a COUPON FOR A FREE PRODUCT!

Keep your eyes open at the stores; sometimes there will be coupons right by the shelves, you might want to limit the number of coupons you take, especially if you have little children with you!  The other day I was taking a couple coupons for fabric softener and my 5 year old shrieked "Mommy, why are you taking ALL the coupons???"  (I didn't, I only took like 3!!!)

Some websites have spots you can go and view other peoples "trade" lists, so if you have coupons you don't want, perhaps someone else will and in return, will send you some you will use.  For more on coupon trades, check out and click on the "coupons" tab.

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